Change of Approach and First Progress

I decided to change my approach to my goal over the past few days. After some careful contemplation I concluded that by just typing up words, even if for specific novel ideas, I would probably end up burning myself out. I also had a spontaneous hash out session on a project idea with my wife while flying back home for the holidays which got me all fired up. I’m going to, therefore, shift my focus to attempting on working more in depth on projects and going through the whole writing process with the goal of completing a novel before moving onto another project.

On top of that, I’ve decided to start today instead of January 1st (read: never). In fact, I’ve already logged in my first 1,046 words. You can check my progress over time here. I’ll be updating this every time I finish a writing session.

I’m not yet 100% sure how this change will factor into the 1 million words scheme I’ve got going here. I am excited, though, about the prospect of seeing a project through from start to end and where I can go after it is done.

I’ll catch you all at the next update! Enjoy the New Year festivities!


The first step before the actual first step

So I’m setting off on a journey to write 1,000,000 words. What, you’re just hearing of this now? Go to the About Me page and catch up. I’ll wait. Or do that later. Or not at all. It’s all good. Basically, I got inspired by a post on Reddit and now I want to commit to a quest of sorts that may or may not lead me to insanity. Hopefully, the latter along with some new skills and a handful of discipline. But a quest is not much of a quest if there are no rules to keep things in check.

For starters, I’m not going to commit to a strict deadline of completion, such as completing the whole 1,000,000 words in a year. Quite frankly, between my masters research, my video game streaming, and the side hustle my wife and I are working on I can’t commit too much time on a daily basis. The model I have chosen to follow is basically doing my own personal NaNoWriMo almost monthly. I emphasize almost because the aforementioned research is also a big writing endeavor which will at some point devour my entire life and then spit it out into oblivion. So for the first year of my quest I will commit to 9 out of twelve months. I can’t say for sure which ones they will be yet but I know for sure I’ll be able to complete three NaNo Drafts from January until the end of March 2017.

A NaNo Draft will consist of the same amount of words stipulated by the NaNoWriMo people, which is 50,000 words. That means by the end of 2017 I will have written at least 450,000 words. Depending on how things go will determine if the quest can be fully completed by the end of 2018. 11 out of twelve months may be a tall order cause I’m hoping to be somewhat gainfully employed that year. We’ll see. That’s for 2017 Yannis to worry about.

In order to reach 50,000 words within a month I would have to put in approximately 1,667 words daily. I believe I can knock them out with 2 hours or less as part of my early morning routine but things may vary. I’m going to setup a Google Spreadsheet to keep track of my daily words for each project.

Each monthly project will basically be an extremely early nonsense-filled draft of a book I have in my head. They won’t necessarily be works of fiction as I do have some more real world opinions to bestow up everyone. What I do with them will depend on how good I felt about them. For sure there’s gotta be at least one that can quality for editing and publication, right?

So, TL;DR, 50,000 words per month for 9 months in 2017 done at approximately 1,667 word per day. That’s the plan. You can look forward to regular updates on this blog where I will basically write about how I felt about…writing. And maybe some life updates, too.

I’m gonna wrap this diatribe up here. Title says it all. A first step before the first step on Janurary 1st, 2017.

Happy holidays!